Questions ?

Here's a list of common questions. The answers will help you with a new puppy.

If you need additional information, your welcome to “Contact” us any time.

At 8 weeks of age. By this time, puppy has had a good amount of time with mom and is eating and drinking on their own.

We use a couple different brands of dry dog foods which we have found to work well with our puppies:

Nutri-Source, “Small & Medium Breed Puppy” formula. This brand gets high ratings, great quality, and has never had a recall.

IAMS, “Small & Toy Breed” formula. This brand can be found almost everywhere, has good ratings, and the puppies love it.

2 pm and after. This is a great time, as the weather is usually best and puppy can be outside to run and play.

Yes. Most puppies do very well around other pets. We would caution to keep your new puppy away from public places where many dogs may be to help protect against any virus or disease. Best to wait till puppy is around 6 months of age. This will protect puppy from all sorts of issues.

Our puppies have a price range of $500 to $2500. Our prices are based on age, breed, male/female, colors, type, and many other qualities the puppy may or may not have.

We have fresh food and fresh water available at all times. All our dogs can get a drink or bite to eat at any moment they feel the need.

Most puppies will get sick on the first few car rides. You will want to bring a few extra towels for puppy !!!

Yes. We can help make arrangements with any airline you choose.

We charge an extra $500 to send a puppy by plane. That includes a sky kennel and airline ticket for puppy.

Puppy will possibly be a bit lonely and whimper. Stay close to them, play with them, and sleep close to them.

Puppy will still need potty training. They will know the sound of the door opening and usually prefer to go potty outside.

Most puppies will bite and chew on things. Please understand that most puppies are only playing when they bite at you. There are times when a puppy will bite to protect itself if it feels scared or overwhelmed.

Yes. We accept a $100 deposit which will reserve puppy till they are of age to go to a new family.

Yes. Let us know your interested in an upcoming litter. We will contact you as soon as a new litter is born!

Yes. Place a $100 deposit to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter. You will be first to know a new litter has arrived! Your then welcome to have first pick from the new litter!

It would be great to have two puppies. They will keep each other company when your away. They will have a playmate for life!

Yes. We start a 5-way puppy vaccine at 6 weeks of age. They will need a few more as they age. Puppy will be up to date on vaccines when you arrive.

We use medication to help with fleas, ticks, mites, and worms. These medications are only used when needed.

It will always be better if puppy has company. If you do leave, try not to be gone too long.

Yes. You have 15 days to have puppy checked by your vet. If your vet finds any issue with puppy, we offer a full refund.

Yes. We are willing to drive up to 50 miles for an additional fee of $1 per mile.